Sunday, February 06, 2011

Slow, Silent Sunday

Inspired by other bloggers who have recurring posts like 'Wordless Wednesday' or 'Thrifty Thursday' or 'Funny Friday' I'm going to have Slow, Silent Sundays.  On Sundays I will post a picture of something or other and a short little blurb about it.  The photo may be recent or ancient, it may be of something in my life or my surroundings or maybe just something that catches my interest.  It may be relevant to current events in my life and/or the world or it may be totally random - basically I'm leaving myself lots of options, here, so this doesn't get boring.  Let's be realistic, I'm a stay at home mom of a new baby - I would gladly show you a 136 photo slideshow of my son playing in the kitchen sink or gnawing on a wooden block but that probably wouldn't bring in droves of readers - so I'm going to try to keep it spicy and fresh.  Here goes!

This is a photo of my mom and her younger brother; you can see my granny digging through her sewing box in the background, too.  It was probably taken around 1963 or 1964.  My mom was playing dress-up with my Granny's jewelry and is sweetly showing off a little in a silly way.  Not pictured would be my mom's one other older brother (the youngest two not born at the time).  I can imagine this must have been a weekend as my grandfather would have taken the picture.  The children are probably running around and playing in the house while my grandmother tries to mend something in the background.  It feels cheerful and happy and I wax nostalgic when I look at it.  The sun is coming in the window just so - it's a perfect, pleasant moment frozen in time.  By the time I was a kid in the 80's my grandparents had redone the kitchen.  All the stuff was in the same places but the decor and flooring and stuff were all different.  There's something so tantalizing to me about the idea that a room or house has had many incarnations over the years, I'm enraptured at the idea that it was once this way even though I've never seen it any other way than I know it.  This photo makes me feel as if the house has a story of its own that lives in layers of wallpaper, in nails in the subfloor, in windows retrofitted and curtains replaced...  *sigh*

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