Sunday, February 13, 2011

Slow, Silent Sunday

The Carpenter comes from a small town (Beausejour, Manitoba).  You may be aware that country folk like to know what's going on around town.  His mother was recently heard complaining that his father needed to trim the shrubs in front of the living room window at their house because she was having trouble seeing out from her spot on the couch.  So my husband comes by it honestly when he snoops what's going on in the neighbourhood through the window.  We're friends with our neighbours a block up and we joke sometimes that The Carpenter is sure to know if they have company because he can see the cars parked outside their house.  My husband is often heard saying things like, "Oh, Mike across the street must be out tonight 'cause he's usually watching TV in the living room by now."  I think this is absolutely hilarious, particularly because I am virtually oblivious to all happenings outside our windows, in spite of the fact that I'm a stay at home mom (the oft-used stereotype of snoopiness).  What's even funnier is that The Smiler apparently takes after his father's side of the family because he LOVES watching out the window, too!  He'll spend several minutes watching (nice break for Momma) and will even lean forward and tilt his head to see farther out, just like Daddy.  Awwwww...

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